Endorsed by: Missouri Right To Life, National Rifle Association, Governor Eric Greitens and Missouri Chamber of Commerce.
Mike Cierpiot, a Republican, is a product of a working class family that instilled in him the importance fighting for our American jobs and American values. As State Senator, Mike will fight for policies that put the American worker and our American values first.
Growing up in a working class family, Mike believes in the promise of America; if you work hard and play by the rules, anything is possible. Unfortunately, decades of irresponsible politicians, bad public policy and corporate greed have made the promise of the American Dream harder to achieve.
As our State Senator, Mike will work to attract high quality, family-supporting jobs to our region. He'll prioritize investments in workforce development and education. Each and every day, he'll work to ensure that future generations can believe in the same American Dream that he grew up with.
Education and Job Training
After his twin sons were born, Mike went back to school on nights and weekends to earn certifications in engineering. Throughout much of his career, he continued to pursue professional certifications at area community colleges.
It was through this experience that Mike learned the value of a good education. He believes we must continue to ensure our schools are training the workforce of tomorrow with practical, real-world curriculum and training. He is proud to have led the effort to ensure that Missouri's public schools were fully funded for the first time in the state's history this year.
Safe Communities
There has been a horrific rise in crime against the brave men and women who keep us safe. In the State Senate, Mike will ensure that our law enforcement have the tools they need to keep our families, and themselves, safe. Mike will ensure that those who commit crimes against our police are punished to the fullest extent of the law. He will always Back the Blue.
Mike will also support efforts to combat the rise of heroin, crack down on those who provide drugs to our children and support efforts to stop illegal immigration in Missouri.