"I will never compromise on our shared, conservative values and the defense of the American Dream!" -MIKE

How do we preserve the American Dream for Missouri?

Ardently Pro-Life

Missouri has made tremendous strides to become one of the most life-friendly states in the nation. I am proud to have voted on the Heartbeat Bill, which inspired numerous states to do the same. There are still many things we can do to save lives and support those who bravely choose life. I will be an advocate for family resources, adoption, and an outright ban on abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.

Protect Constitutional Rights: From the 2nd Amendment to the Right to Assemble and Worship, we've seen how quickly those on the left are willing to suspend our freedom in the name of "public emergency." This is a slippery slope that puts all our rights in danger. I will work hard to uphold the liberty of Missourians, and make sure their rights are protected.

Support Law Enforcement

Missouri's law enforcement have been there for our communities through thick and thin. Without our brave men and women in blue, we would not be able to grow and thrive. Businesses and families depend on them for peace of mind. I will always support law enforcement and ensure they have the resources and training to do their jobs effectively.

Ban Political Propaganda in Classrooms

CRT is a poison that is slowly creeping into our schools. We must actively oppose any use of political ideology in the classroom that pits students against each other, makes it more difficult to learn, and eats up the teacher's time. We should be supporting education initiatives that result in higher academic performance, better teacher retention and support, and give students the tools to succeed in the real world.

Fair and Secure Election

As your state senator, I have consistently fought for safe and secure elections. This year we passed legislation that includes voter ID, paper ballots, cyber security audits, and bans on harvesting ballots and drop boxes. Every Missourian should know their elections are fair and secure when they vote.